November 30, 2006

Two nights at the hospital

For most of the early of the week, Hasnah has been complaining of toothache. Tuesday, both Imran and Hasnah wanted to go to their grandparents house. When we came home from work, Hasnah has a swollen cheek. We visited the pediatrician and she inform us that she has to be warded. Suspect that her teeth has rotten and the pus has entered the sinus cavity.

Yesterday after training, brought some items to the hospital. She was still very active - not in lieu with the environment in the hospital. Her mum took my car to go home to pack up some more things. Stayed with Hasnah till nearly the end of the visiting hours and after the heavy downpour.

When I got back home, Imran was so happy to see me. He cycled all over the house, we played with his toy cars and we watched some video. Luckily he did not make a fuss of going to bed early. But I had problem this morning. He woke up early and wanted me to cuddle in bed with him (I would love to but work is calling me). Then I took him for a short ride before leaving him with his grandmother (with a promise that he can paint later).

Got a message that Hasnah has shifted to a different room. But told her that I will be going straight home - pity Imran who is feeling very lonely. And still no news on when the operation will be. So another day at the hospital for her.


November 28, 2006

Deja Vu the movie

I had two most surprising and pleasant surprises within half an hour.

An officemate came by to drop my 'usual package' containing whatelse but books. Ever since I have been busy with my Masters, I am always scared to receive this books. I did sign up for bookrings and there is one already waiting for me (fortunately its a bookray but the rules are the same). Anyway it was granting one of my wish.

The second surprise when I received a phone call from one of my dearest colleague who would go to the far corners of the world to grant my wish (unfortunately his not available and I don't think I want to be with him all of my days). But I'm diverting as usual. He called up to say he got a premier ticket for Deja Vu at Sunway Pyramid. Sounds interesting but it is for tonight - and I have got two little people waiting for me.

The funny thing about the conversation was am I going with you. He was hesitant in his reply and he sort of, let me repeat he sort of say that it was a date. He such a klutz when it comes to words that I always tease him for that.

Actually now I feel like ditching the two little people and just head on to the cinema. Uuuuum - what a dilemma I'm in. See how it goes and update later.


Spiral of Silence theory

Most of you will not know what the heck I'm refering to in my previous post. The agenda setting theory is very straight forward - so no need for explanation.

The spiral of theory deals more of the fear of isolation. Let me first take from the Wikepedia the definition which is as compact as can be:
The spiral of silence is a political science and mass communication theory propounded by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann. The theory asserts that a person is less likely to voice an opinion on a topic if one feels that one is in the minority for fear of reprisal or isolation from the majority (Anderson 1996: 214; Miller 2005: 277).

What I want to stress is that the general public will simply forward the SMS received so they have the feeling that "I have this information!" (which makes him powerful) and at the same time joining the majority that knows this news. They will not consider if this message is true or just lies.

Another tenet to the theory is that people will generally not raise an opinion which is different from the popular view. I'm not sure how I'm going to fit that in but roughly this is what the paper will be like.


November 27, 2006

Still having some issues with my group assignment - regarding the SMS thingy. I want to discuss more on WHY Malaysians like to spread SMS that can create unrest among the people. (Not refering to Amir's article in the previous blog). The most recent which I'm planning to focus on is regarding a group of Malay being baptized. Have you seen the follow-up: it was actually a group of Indians??

It is close to what Taty had to say about the facets of Malaysians. How the people look like a Malay but is actually a born Christian (meaning no Muslim parents).

Back to my dilemma, we have not decided how to proceed. She just YMed me regarding our individual assignment. That is a toughie because the textbook is so complicated (not the subject matter but the language). Gave her same advice and she took it. But I did not raise it up - twice written it out but did not click 'send'. It looks I'm gloating because I am way ahead of them on all my assignments.

Two solutions that I can see. She compromise and follow my way. Or we go separate ways. I already have what to write so should not be an issue for me. Two hard headed people to come up with one thing. But I seriously cannot accept her way of thinking. She says that this phenomena is using the agenda setting theory. Meaning that using the SMS we set an agenda. What agenda? To create a 'social riot' as per Taty's post.

Anyway, she raised it up and saw my point. We are following my thoughts - so now how to divide the work.


November 23, 2006

For one of my assignments for Communication Theory, we have to choose one phenomena and use one of the theories we learn to explain it.

A few weeks ago, there was this SMS spreading where a group of Malay (Muslims) being baptized. Today I found another interesting article but from a different angle. Where the authorities want to award him/her for his ingenuity. The article is pasted below.

Why I chose this phenomena is it is interesting why people like to spread rumours/news over the SMS. Is this a spawning from emailing.

I may make it for my project paper for my last semester. So far I have not found a good theory to explain it. Maybe one day you will see my name attached to a new communication theory to describe this phenomena. *wink*

Space, the final frontier for our teh tarik

One of the tasks in store for Malaysia’s first astronaut.

THE lucky bloke who is chosen to become Malaysia’s first astronaut will have several daunting tasks ahead of him. He will not just be shooting the non-existent breeze in zero gravity, he will have to make teh tarik and play batu Seremban in space.

Most segments of society have hailed this move as a great advertisement for Malaysian technology, not to mention the beverage and leisure game industries. This is in line with the popular SMS doing the rounds, which says "An American in space is called astronaut, a Russian in space is called cosmonaut, but a Malaysian in space will be called can-or-not?"

The identity of the SMS sender has not yet been detected. The search is on for this person as the authorities want to give an award for coming up with such an ingenious term.

However, one segment of society has failed to be convinced. This segment can be found entirely in the person of veteran commentator G. Pundeet.

"Is this really the image of Malaysia that we want to project to the world?" he muses over a vegetarian set lunch. "After spending so much to buy Russian military aircraft to enable this space mission, do we have nothing better to do than to play children’s games and make drinks in space?"

However, everyone else in the country disagrees with him, "G. Pundeet’s objections are examples of the sort of negative thinking that we can do without. We are a scientific, progressive society and we only believe in things that can be proven empirically," sneered a pensioner while clutching some newly-purchased feng shui crystals. "So there!"


November 17, 2006

A new DiGi mate

Yesterday, Taty YMed me asking where I take my breakfast. The location of my office is a bit isolated - we don't have the privilege of having a wide choice for food. She informed that she has accepted the offer and will be reporting in the new year. Yahoo!!

In addition, she asked something about the previous blog. I am so please that someone reads the blog even if I don't get much comment. THANK YOU Taty.


Metatheory - a theory about theories

What if you discovered that you have to study methods of creating theories? Do you have to create your own theory as part of your masters program. I nearly went beserk - I wanted to concentrate on telecommunication (the technical aspect that is) and ended up with metatheories.

Do you know that there is a field call Communication Theory? The fundamental you get to know some basic theories, how communication is categorized (interpersonal, small group, organization) and some key scientist (I still call them scientist of the social world). The advanced stage, we need to know the theories itself - how do we evaluate them, the different aspect (ontology, epistemology, axiology), the different perspectives (post-positivism, interpretive, critical).

Now that I have finally grasp the essence of the course (by doing the discussion questions in the text book and Wikipedia), I am happy to say that I should not have any problem in writing the 5 to 10 pages assignment.

Having said that, this weekend will be my second seminar for all the three subjects - 8 to 7 Sat, till noon Sun. In addition tomorrow night, there will be wedding reception. Since I'll be dead tired, I will be on leave on Monday. So office - don't come knocking on the door.


November 14, 2006

I've neglected this for far too long

Life have been too busy to make time to do what I love most - reading, writing (for fun that is) and just sleep for hours.

Weekends have been busy of 'raya-ing'and entertaining guests. Unfortunately I was not able to go to a friend's place due to people not updating me earlier and nobody came when I invited them.

Feeling very melancholy these days because got several shockers all within 24 hours:
1 - the husband of a friend walked out on her without saying anything and above RM 1000. And she nursed him from sickness.
2 - new on the office grapevine, my top boss (just below the CEO) is an 'active' visitor to a gay site? I have nothing against gays or lesbians, but it just so happen that he is the most available bachelor in town (driving a BMW!! - as if that is a measure of a good husband). It was a big shocker but then that is life - they make great friends by the way. Sometimes better than a girlfriend (from first experience)
3 - an ex-colleague, who I hardly talk to because am not a good phone caller and she does not do internet, her husband is critically down with cancer since 2004. He cannot be mobilized else they will make it for a sort of open-house.

What a day that was - fortunately of my studies I did not have time to even think about it beyond that half hour or so.

November 7, 2006

It's good to be needed

I have never felt so rejuneverated at work for a looong time.

The next few days, several of my colleagues will be on leave for at least a week - one on paternity leave and another for exams.

The whole morning stuck listening to our head, Karim give a sort of pick-me-up presentation for his staff. Our CEO came in briefly to talk about good management. Gave me time to study for my German class later at night (by the way, I scored with an A).

In the afternoon, one after the other those who are doing stuff for me will come to me updating me on this, asking for advise. By the time 5pm rolls by, I was completely wiped out. Thank god the exam was ok - I could not remember exactly the text but I think I did fairly well.

Today, was such a slow day. I thought it was well past four, but it is only 3:30. And I have an aerobic class later - yahoo. Its been a long while.


November 2, 2006

My Wednesday

Yesterday was something to write about.

Came into work a bit more than an hour late - thanks to my blood pressure, I sometimes feel dizzy especially during the monthly thing.

By 11:15 went out of the office to register mum's new Indonesian helper at Fomema in PKNS Shah Alam. Fortunately the parking at SACC mall was good - did not have to go round and round for traffic (the PKNS' parking is a nightmare). BUT the queue at both the post office and the Fomema office was terrible. To wrap it up, had to change the postal order because wrongly fill the page. Left the PKNS after one.

Then rushed to Macro to get mum's block of rump (part of the cow), eggs and some masking tape. Left before two to rush to my 2:45 doctor's appointment at Sunway Medical Center.

Simmered for while in the air conditioner before seeing the doctor. I brought my old 2002 medical report (which was not as detailed as this health screening). To my surprise my cholestrol level dropped from border line to 4.8 Woohoo - I must have done something good or else I lost too much weight.

Which brings me to my thyroid function - whatever that is. Need to read it up first before commenting. Both my GP and the doctor recommend that I go check it up to see if its good. Or else, my weight will be always feather weight (BMI 16.5).

After wrapping up, came back to the office before 4. Too lazy to take whole day leave because everything is so far from home. So just going to declare a half-day leave.