November 14, 2006

I've neglected this for far too long

Life have been too busy to make time to do what I love most - reading, writing (for fun that is) and just sleep for hours.

Weekends have been busy of 'raya-ing'and entertaining guests. Unfortunately I was not able to go to a friend's place due to people not updating me earlier and nobody came when I invited them.

Feeling very melancholy these days because got several shockers all within 24 hours:
1 - the husband of a friend walked out on her without saying anything and above RM 1000. And she nursed him from sickness.
2 - new on the office grapevine, my top boss (just below the CEO) is an 'active' visitor to a gay site? I have nothing against gays or lesbians, but it just so happen that he is the most available bachelor in town (driving a BMW!! - as if that is a measure of a good husband). It was a big shocker but then that is life - they make great friends by the way. Sometimes better than a girlfriend (from first experience)
3 - an ex-colleague, who I hardly talk to because am not a good phone caller and she does not do internet, her husband is critically down with cancer since 2004. He cannot be mobilized else they will make it for a sort of open-house.

What a day that was - fortunately of my studies I did not have time to even think about it beyond that half hour or so.


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