November 30, 2006

Two nights at the hospital

For most of the early of the week, Hasnah has been complaining of toothache. Tuesday, both Imran and Hasnah wanted to go to their grandparents house. When we came home from work, Hasnah has a swollen cheek. We visited the pediatrician and she inform us that she has to be warded. Suspect that her teeth has rotten and the pus has entered the sinus cavity.

Yesterday after training, brought some items to the hospital. She was still very active - not in lieu with the environment in the hospital. Her mum took my car to go home to pack up some more things. Stayed with Hasnah till nearly the end of the visiting hours and after the heavy downpour.

When I got back home, Imran was so happy to see me. He cycled all over the house, we played with his toy cars and we watched some video. Luckily he did not make a fuss of going to bed early. But I had problem this morning. He woke up early and wanted me to cuddle in bed with him (I would love to but work is calling me). Then I took him for a short ride before leaving him with his grandmother (with a promise that he can paint later).

Got a message that Hasnah has shifted to a different room. But told her that I will be going straight home - pity Imran who is feeling very lonely. And still no news on when the operation will be. So another day at the hospital for her.



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