August 9, 2007

Just base on presentation ...

I had one of the best seminar since I started my Masters program on Aug 4. We were suppose to submit all our assignments and do presentation for our group work.

For the second course, organization communication the lecturer was new so we did not know what to expect. From last seminar's experience we nearly failed our group work assignment.

The first group had plenty of problem because the lecturer was asking too much and said that their hypotheses was wrong. I find it good because they did not copy elsewhere - but actually the findings (co-relation) was not done properly.

Anyway, I was paired with Nicole and we went second. Amran was the only one who asked questions during the presentation to show that he did not fully understand what is our study.

Towards the end, the lecturer asked us to polish the result. I was like - uuh, we want to submit the paper. I am not touching that again. Then she continued, I will help you in getting the study (paper) published. She pointed directly to Nicole saying that it will help since she is already lecturing.

I have been telling everyone (that matters) about this and everyone is like WOW!!


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