June 22, 2007

My dear boss

Why is that some people are being so complacent about maximizing what you have?

You are in the business where you hold the responsibility to give the best to your customers. Your vendors are providing you with the latest technology and your company have paid for this.

Then why are you not using it? Have you not seen the savings you can get in the long term?

Just because one person has the power, the whole company is wasting the opportunity to give the maximum and at the same time save on cost.

June 15, 2007

Strawberry Shortcake

Which reminds me of one of my favourite characters when I was small in Madison WI.

Taken from Wikipedia

My new ringing tone

"I wrote this song about all of the sweet names my mom and dad called me
when I was little
and all of the sweet names that I call my daughter
I entitled it "You're My Honeybunch" and gave it to her as a Valentine's
day present." - Judianna Castle
(Lyrics and
Music by Judianna Castle)
is actually the chorus from Amy's version of
"You're My Honeybunch"
(lyrics and music by Judianna and Buddy

You're my Honeybunch,
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake,
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and
I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet
songs to you
Because you are so dear
© 1994 Amy J. Music

Feeling very vain

zarina za: I am on the right track on the decision making indi assign
zarina za: went thru few days of panic
zarina za: dr rahmah answered all my queries over on the mylms
Coursemate: take it easy dear.... if u dun panic, u can think better....
Coursemate: good for you...
zarina za: last nite before going to sleep
zarina za: i realized how they arranged the courses
zarina za: n most likely i'll use this as my project
zarina za: i did some reading for both articles and i'm beginning to see the picture

Coursemate: the 2 articles for the indi assign?
zarina za: yes
zarina za: mine is on crime reporting and book publishing
zarina za: and its better to panic now and not till last minute
zarina za: hopefully by end next week i should be able to write out the paper
zarina za: or maybe sooner
Coursemate: good for you...
zarina za: how are you doing with the assignments
Coursemate: need to read the articles at least twice... to understand better
zarina za: yes
Coursemate: also plan to at least write out first draft so can show dr rahmah for comments....
Coursemate: i agree with yr plan... you're good with these sort of things...
zarina za: thanks
zarina za: i am enjoying myself with all these
zarina za: a true academician in heart
Coursemate: my articles - on tv and film
Coursemate: i kinda like this sem's subjects too....
Coursemate: but just wish the semesters are longer...
Coursemate: im prob yr total opposite but can consider quite an achievement on my side oredi... haha
zarina za: yes you are
zarina za: since we have been talking with each other
zarina za: i also learn a few things from you
Coursemate: errr... good things i hope...
zarina za: yes of course
zarina za: the corp comm is quite tough too

Coursemate: well, it's really nice to have a true academician for a coursemate.. helps in assignments
zarina za: since the assignments does not cover all the topics
Coursemate: corpcomm as i know it is slightly diff fr what he focuses on tho... but that's just my comments lor...
Coursemate: im the sort who does well with good guidance. like fr dr rahmah...
zarina za: i find corp comm as a core subject just an overview
zarina za: corp comm is an elective
zarina za: and it goes deeper than the core
zarina za: i agree on guidance but it is up to us
zarina za: to ask the right question
zarina za: the lecturer is similar with dr narimah\
zarina za: where she answers our request
zarina za: which is better than your favourite lecturer

Coursemate: i guess all this while been having that kind of priviledge with the other facilitators...
Coursemate: dr. narimah is good... she helps me alot...
Coursemate: i ask her alot too.. haha.. untill i was worried im bothering her
zarina za: but that is what grads are suppose to do
zarina za: we are not suppose to feedback
zarina za: that is where the difference of a B and an A
Coursemate: well. we gain some, we lose some.. most importantly, we keep our wits abt us and look fwd.. not look back.. hehe.. i sound like some motivational speaker
zarina za: both of us sound like knowledgeable pppl
zarina za: which means that we are doing very well with this masters program
Coursemate: you're doing well...
zarina za: you too
zarina za: i admire how you can think and talk fast
zarina za: me very slow
zarina za: by the time we're out
zarina za: i think i should have said that , should have said this
Coursemate: but u think before u speak right? so thats also a good trait
Coursemate: i speak too fast sometimes.. i gotta be careful...
zarina za: like you said there is the pros and cons
zarina za: life's like that
Coursemate: i admire how u can think well, man!
Coursemate: yeah... best of all. we have each other to encourage... each other
Coursemate: so we shld make sure we compliment each other...
zarina za: amen to that

June 11, 2007

My new shoes

I should give thanks to Taty, my sis and my Masters program to allow me to purchase some shoes.

These are the shoes which I got after my registration.

And these are a pair I got from Avenue-K after my first seminar.

Gorgeous, aren't they?

June 5, 2007

All about shoes

Last Friday, after registration stepped into Parkson KLCC to see if the BonusLink promotion is still on. It was but not for the 70% discount. So I got myself a pair of Julia Shilton black shoes for half price. Camera is not with me so no pictures yet.

Meanwhile, I have been drooling for the Charles & Keith shoes.