February 21, 2007

As Oprah says

I believe life is to be lived to the fullest - pamper yourself with good things that can be bought but don't go overboard.

Oprah thinks everyone could learn a lesson from Colin. "Use your good stuff, wear your good things," she says. "Don't wait until you're dead for somebody else to use your good stuff."

You can find the whole article here.

atuuuk ....

My ears are still ringing from the sound of a 4 year old calling for attention.

Atuuuk - tengok nie.

Saya nak macam Uncle Halim semalam...

Mak long ...

February 13, 2007

Dear Victoria

Here is an excert from a letter about the happenings of the past few days:

As you may have read, I strained my back muscles. Before that, it was horrible at work. When I got home, all I wanted was to read fiction and drown myself so I don’t have to think of work. You know at the end of the year, we have appraisal interviews with your bosses. Well, ours was very late. Mine was the day before I got my pay slip and bonus. What I wanted to achieve was to inform him that I was not happy how he handled himself as my boss the six months he was with us (he just joined us in the middle of the year). I don’t know how much penetrated but I knew a lot did not (especially the parts that mattered). How I knew, the things he brought up did not relate to what I said. And I tested him twice – same result.

The other thing that really got to me and which really made my whole body sort of gave up (got medical leave for nearly two weeks) – I made so many mistakes last year (unintentionally of course) that it has caught up to me. My cough came back – I could not talk long on the phone for business calls before I start coughing real bad. I guess that was how I strained the muscle.

The day after I went to the doctor (an orthopedic), my back was worse – maybe I overdid myself the night before by reading my text book. The next day I lost my appetite and took little food that caused my gastric (since I could not skip the medicine (so I thought). At midnight I told my mom that I had to go to the doctor for medicine. Before going I threw up and at the hospital. The doctor was very kind, she told us to wait and see how it goes. I got injections for the pain and the nausea. It was very good because it got worse. She advised that be warded since tomorrow morning she made an appointment for a specialist to check my stomach. He was actually ready to come to the hospital that night but I was a bit better and fell asleep.

So now, I am literally eating every hour. Even after a ‘heavy’ meal, I feel the food dissolve and get hungry again. At work, at around 4 to 5 you will see me eating a light snack. Nowadays, I have a bottle of peanut butter at the office. I will bring some slices of bread in the morning. It has been like this for nearly my whole life – the doctors say I have a very high metabolism rate.

February 5, 2007


Last week was very scary - extremely since it was concerning my back. I remembered that Saturday I was coughing very bad and sleeping a lot. Furthermore, three-year-old Hasnah came for the day. I carried her on my back. At work, on Monday I realized that I had difficulty sitting and walking. And I felt myself walking like a duck or a pregnant woman. And before going to work I visited the doctor for the cough and he asked me if I can go to work (I should have taken his offer, DAMN).

I put off visiting the doctor until Wednesday. She say if the pain does not go away after two days of painkiller, she will be refering me to the orthopedic at the Sentosa Medical Center, Kajang. Since it was lunchtime, we spent a few hours at Alamanda doing some groceries shopping. As usual I visited MPH. The arrangement was totally out and I left my purse with mum (could not carry anything with this back pain).

Anyway, after nearly four hours 'having lunch', we went the medical center. I was very impressed - I just submitted my ING card and IC and did not even write anything (well except to sign a form). Took an x-ray and the spine looks beautiful (if I don't say it myself). So the result is,. I sprained a muscle from that bout of coughing. The best part is I will be on medical leave until Wednesday. Unfortunately, my next appointment is on Tuesday (he has a big operation on Monday). But I can take a day off since I have got two 5-hour classes this Sat and Sun, right?