November 2, 2006

My Wednesday

Yesterday was something to write about.

Came into work a bit more than an hour late - thanks to my blood pressure, I sometimes feel dizzy especially during the monthly thing.

By 11:15 went out of the office to register mum's new Indonesian helper at Fomema in PKNS Shah Alam. Fortunately the parking at SACC mall was good - did not have to go round and round for traffic (the PKNS' parking is a nightmare). BUT the queue at both the post office and the Fomema office was terrible. To wrap it up, had to change the postal order because wrongly fill the page. Left the PKNS after one.

Then rushed to Macro to get mum's block of rump (part of the cow), eggs and some masking tape. Left before two to rush to my 2:45 doctor's appointment at Sunway Medical Center.

Simmered for while in the air conditioner before seeing the doctor. I brought my old 2002 medical report (which was not as detailed as this health screening). To my surprise my cholestrol level dropped from border line to 4.8 Woohoo - I must have done something good or else I lost too much weight.

Which brings me to my thyroid function - whatever that is. Need to read it up first before commenting. Both my GP and the doctor recommend that I go check it up to see if its good. Or else, my weight will be always feather weight (BMI 16.5).

After wrapping up, came back to the office before 4. Too lazy to take whole day leave because everything is so far from home. So just going to declare a half-day leave.



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