November 7, 2006

It's good to be needed

I have never felt so rejuneverated at work for a looong time.

The next few days, several of my colleagues will be on leave for at least a week - one on paternity leave and another for exams.

The whole morning stuck listening to our head, Karim give a sort of pick-me-up presentation for his staff. Our CEO came in briefly to talk about good management. Gave me time to study for my German class later at night (by the way, I scored with an A).

In the afternoon, one after the other those who are doing stuff for me will come to me updating me on this, asking for advise. By the time 5pm rolls by, I was completely wiped out. Thank god the exam was ok - I could not remember exactly the text but I think I did fairly well.

Today, was such a slow day. I thought it was well past four, but it is only 3:30. And I have an aerobic class later - yahoo. Its been a long while.



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