November 27, 2006

Still having some issues with my group assignment - regarding the SMS thingy. I want to discuss more on WHY Malaysians like to spread SMS that can create unrest among the people. (Not refering to Amir's article in the previous blog). The most recent which I'm planning to focus on is regarding a group of Malay being baptized. Have you seen the follow-up: it was actually a group of Indians??

It is close to what Taty had to say about the facets of Malaysians. How the people look like a Malay but is actually a born Christian (meaning no Muslim parents).

Back to my dilemma, we have not decided how to proceed. She just YMed me regarding our individual assignment. That is a toughie because the textbook is so complicated (not the subject matter but the language). Gave her same advice and she took it. But I did not raise it up - twice written it out but did not click 'send'. It looks I'm gloating because I am way ahead of them on all my assignments.

Two solutions that I can see. She compromise and follow my way. Or we go separate ways. I already have what to write so should not be an issue for me. Two hard headed people to come up with one thing. But I seriously cannot accept her way of thinking. She says that this phenomena is using the agenda setting theory. Meaning that using the SMS we set an agenda. What agenda? To create a 'social riot' as per Taty's post.

Anyway, she raised it up and saw my point. We are following my thoughts - so now how to divide the work.



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