April 27, 2007

My pen and pencil collection

Imran has been very good lately.

Since dad taught him to google, he has learn to recognize the alphabets and numbers.

Also, he has been able to tell the time. Six pm is the time to learn the computer. Seven pm is when I arrive home from work.

Normally, when the kids are in my room I would hide my pencil case. There was one night I did not have the time. So when Imran saw it, he sat down and took a piece of paper to write. I was worried - oh now, he is going to take that pen.

But he put up his hands and said WAIT. And the pen he picked up was the standard blue pen which he use downstairs. OH NO - he has grown up.

Life now

It has been a very busy two weeks.

Found out that mum's helper like to help herself to our stuff. Most of my stuff and my watch is missing.

The kids has been making a racket when they stay the night.

EXAMS are coming up on May 4 and 5.

Work has been piling up with new project.

Here is a photo which shows Hasnah looking like a boy. And she does act like a boy too. The poor kid.


The pink handbag

My sister has been asking me to put up the handbag which she gave me.

It is so pretty.

Thank you so much.

April 18, 2007

Car rolling or stepping on me???

Yesterday morning, I woke up late for work.

Then my nephew woke up before I was able to leave. He asked to be carried down. Then he wanted to talk to his mother so called her but must be on the way to work.

He say he will open the door for me to go out. He wanted to show me the Volkswagon. He wanted to climb in but I told him to wait for his grandfather to come down.

Then he played puppet on the driver side of my car. He played dead, lying down next to the car. At that time his sister came down but luckily she is able to be persuaded to stay with her grandmother.

I thought ok, he's dead next to my car and I can drive off without touching him.

But then he say, drag him inside the house because nanti kereta pijak saya (the car will step on him).

Until now, thinking of that made me laughing.