November 17, 2006

Metatheory - a theory about theories

What if you discovered that you have to study methods of creating theories? Do you have to create your own theory as part of your masters program. I nearly went beserk - I wanted to concentrate on telecommunication (the technical aspect that is) and ended up with metatheories.

Do you know that there is a field call Communication Theory? The fundamental you get to know some basic theories, how communication is categorized (interpersonal, small group, organization) and some key scientist (I still call them scientist of the social world). The advanced stage, we need to know the theories itself - how do we evaluate them, the different aspect (ontology, epistemology, axiology), the different perspectives (post-positivism, interpretive, critical).

Now that I have finally grasp the essence of the course (by doing the discussion questions in the text book and Wikipedia), I am happy to say that I should not have any problem in writing the 5 to 10 pages assignment.

Having said that, this weekend will be my second seminar for all the three subjects - 8 to 7 Sat, till noon Sun. In addition tomorrow night, there will be wedding reception. Since I'll be dead tired, I will be on leave on Monday. So office - don't come knocking on the door.



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