June 15, 2007

Feeling very vain

zarina za: I am on the right track on the decision making indi assign
zarina za: went thru few days of panic
zarina za: dr rahmah answered all my queries over on the mylms
Coursemate: take it easy dear.... if u dun panic, u can think better....
Coursemate: good for you...
zarina za: last nite before going to sleep
zarina za: i realized how they arranged the courses
zarina za: n most likely i'll use this as my project
zarina za: i did some reading for both articles and i'm beginning to see the picture

Coursemate: the 2 articles for the indi assign?
zarina za: yes
zarina za: mine is on crime reporting and book publishing
zarina za: and its better to panic now and not till last minute
zarina za: hopefully by end next week i should be able to write out the paper
zarina za: or maybe sooner
Coursemate: good for you...
zarina za: how are you doing with the assignments
Coursemate: need to read the articles at least twice... to understand better
zarina za: yes
Coursemate: also plan to at least write out first draft so can show dr rahmah for comments....
Coursemate: i agree with yr plan... you're good with these sort of things...
zarina za: thanks
zarina za: i am enjoying myself with all these
zarina za: a true academician in heart
Coursemate: my articles - on tv and film
Coursemate: i kinda like this sem's subjects too....
Coursemate: but just wish the semesters are longer...
Coursemate: im prob yr total opposite but can consider quite an achievement on my side oredi... haha
zarina za: yes you are
zarina za: since we have been talking with each other
zarina za: i also learn a few things from you
Coursemate: errr... good things i hope...
zarina za: yes of course
zarina za: the corp comm is quite tough too

Coursemate: well, it's really nice to have a true academician for a coursemate.. helps in assignments
zarina za: since the assignments does not cover all the topics
Coursemate: corpcomm as i know it is slightly diff fr what he focuses on tho... but that's just my comments lor...
Coursemate: im the sort who does well with good guidance. like fr dr rahmah...
zarina za: i find corp comm as a core subject just an overview
zarina za: corp comm is an elective
zarina za: and it goes deeper than the core
zarina za: i agree on guidance but it is up to us
zarina za: to ask the right question
zarina za: the lecturer is similar with dr narimah\
zarina za: where she answers our request
zarina za: which is better than your favourite lecturer

Coursemate: i guess all this while been having that kind of priviledge with the other facilitators...
Coursemate: dr. narimah is good... she helps me alot...
Coursemate: i ask her alot too.. haha.. untill i was worried im bothering her
zarina za: but that is what grads are suppose to do
zarina za: we are not suppose to feedback
zarina za: that is where the difference of a B and an A
Coursemate: well. we gain some, we lose some.. most importantly, we keep our wits abt us and look fwd.. not look back.. hehe.. i sound like some motivational speaker
zarina za: both of us sound like knowledgeable pppl
zarina za: which means that we are doing very well with this masters program
Coursemate: you're doing well...
zarina za: you too
zarina za: i admire how you can think and talk fast
zarina za: me very slow
zarina za: by the time we're out
zarina za: i think i should have said that , should have said this
Coursemate: but u think before u speak right? so thats also a good trait
Coursemate: i speak too fast sometimes.. i gotta be careful...
zarina za: like you said there is the pros and cons
zarina za: life's like that
Coursemate: i admire how u can think well, man!
Coursemate: yeah... best of all. we have each other to encourage... each other
Coursemate: so we shld make sure we compliment each other...
zarina za: amen to that


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