February 13, 2007

Dear Victoria

Here is an excert from a letter about the happenings of the past few days:

As you may have read, I strained my back muscles. Before that, it was horrible at work. When I got home, all I wanted was to read fiction and drown myself so I don’t have to think of work. You know at the end of the year, we have appraisal interviews with your bosses. Well, ours was very late. Mine was the day before I got my pay slip and bonus. What I wanted to achieve was to inform him that I was not happy how he handled himself as my boss the six months he was with us (he just joined us in the middle of the year). I don’t know how much penetrated but I knew a lot did not (especially the parts that mattered). How I knew, the things he brought up did not relate to what I said. And I tested him twice – same result.

The other thing that really got to me and which really made my whole body sort of gave up (got medical leave for nearly two weeks) – I made so many mistakes last year (unintentionally of course) that it has caught up to me. My cough came back – I could not talk long on the phone for business calls before I start coughing real bad. I guess that was how I strained the muscle.

The day after I went to the doctor (an orthopedic), my back was worse – maybe I overdid myself the night before by reading my text book. The next day I lost my appetite and took little food that caused my gastric (since I could not skip the medicine (so I thought). At midnight I told my mom that I had to go to the doctor for medicine. Before going I threw up and at the hospital. The doctor was very kind, she told us to wait and see how it goes. I got injections for the pain and the nausea. It was very good because it got worse. She advised that be warded since tomorrow morning she made an appointment for a specialist to check my stomach. He was actually ready to come to the hospital that night but I was a bit better and fell asleep.

So now, I am literally eating every hour. Even after a ‘heavy’ meal, I feel the food dissolve and get hungry again. At work, at around 4 to 5 you will see me eating a light snack. Nowadays, I have a bottle of peanut butter at the office. I will bring some slices of bread in the morning. It has been like this for nearly my whole life – the doctors say I have a very high metabolism rate.


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