December 12, 2006

My colleague - how can I stay alive in DiGi without him

The first day into the office this week was so hectic. This morning we had a group meeting. Before our manager stepped out for another discussion, he wants us to reflect on year 2006 by listing our strenghts and weaknesses. By the end of one hour, and before he came back in we listed so many weaknesses. We had to put in some strengths but nothing we can scream about.

Later in the afternoon, I had to sort out with Reach Hong Kong about some information of new bearers. It was so embrassing because they received termination order from DiGi but I was not aware of it.

The structure is for any bearers to internation carriers using submarine cables, both myself and the colleague I was talking about in Deja Vu the Movie. Unfortunately that person did not follow the procedure and I had to find out from external parties. Anyway it was all settled.

The colleague from Deja Vu the Movie is a pain in the ass. He could not find the cabling for the bearer chosen, so I had to call back Reach Hong Kong to change the bearer.

On Sunday, I got a call from him. He was asking if I was in Berjaya Times Square for a treasure hunt. I told him no - I did not know anything about it.

That guy is so charming and yet so unaccessible. He does not even answer my phone calls. So now the main channel is using Yahoo Messenger (which I had a part of him signing up for this).



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