October 13, 2006

Imran was WOWed

Last Tuesday was a holiday for us Selangor. Marina (my sis) and the children came by for buka puasa.

The kids trooped upstairs for prayers with dad. The whole time, I could hear Imran saying 'cantiknye' (it's beautiful) and WOW to the new rooms (but it seems they did not see the new additions.

Their mum was frustrated because less than 3 hours of them bathing, they need to be wiped and changed into pajamas. They don't understand that the floor is dusty and should not be rolled on.

Anyway, it was a short visit. What with the electrician putting in a bigger fuse box to cope for all the new additions to the house (dad has gone all the way out for this).

Can't wait for everything to be in place. I have plans to buy a table for them to do their activities but last night, mum say she is giving the kids the existing coffee table. We shall be replacing the bookshelf (well sort off) and the coffee table. So I will be tagging along to survey for new bookshelves for the new room.

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