October 17, 2006

A long hiatus

The house has not been completed - well the most important place, my bedroom and the study. After long downpours, it is leaking everywhere. It had happened and was fixed twice or is it thrice. Anyway, mom say I can start sorting my clothes in their proper place tonight. So I guess it's done. I have been living out of the bag (and car) for weeks.

Last weekend class started - full day Saturday and morning on Sunday, five hours straight while fasting. Well, it started well - managed to get there a bit after 8 from Damansara. Got new classmates - two from the first batch and three from second. Got lots of tips about the program and facilitators. In a nutshell, we had to call all the lecturer to ask if they were coming. Fortunately, the morning session he came in at 10:30 - not wasted for waking up that early. Afternoon was called off - so went shopping at KLCC (bought books, scarf, and Clinique eye shadow). At Kinokuniya, got a call from the facilitator for Sunday that YES, the class is on.

I have asked Aznida to remind me not to open my big mouth. Did I listen, NO! So now - the facilitators has already zeroed me. And I have to perform since they know me and hopefully they can easily give me A's. Oh yeah, the highest which I can score is A, not A+.

Now is raining heavily: my car is a mile away *smile*. Have a buka puasa at Sheraton Hotel Subang *groan*. And its like sitting in a freezer here.


Anonymous zylia said...

so how did the buka pose go heheh *twinkle*

Oct 18, 2006, 8:38:00 AM  
Blogger zarina said...

the food was great esp - roti bom, laksa asam, bengkang ubi, sukun goreng. yum yum

Oct 18, 2006, 9:53:00 AM  

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