October 30, 2006

My face is in The Star

This morning had to practically drag my body out of bed for work after a long week of busyness and lazy around at home. While dressingm, got a SMS and grumbling picked up only to find a cheerful greeting. Stuffed the phone and left for work. After reading the gossip page of DiGi and turning on my radio-net, but before opening up my email (still have not opened up the work email but who cares, nobody is around and its only Monday)read the write up about Bookcrossing from The Star. Will put up the link on the site later. To my surprise - a big picture with me smack in the picture is yours sincerely.

Well an hour ago, read the SMS (tadi just saw the sender only) congratulating us on the article. Sent her a thank you reply.

When will I open my work email - maybe after lunch, its only half an hour before lunch.


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