January 24, 2007

Rachel Roy

I have found a new love, in fashion that is. I have been a subscriber to Oprah's newsletter. She will highlight everything from fashion to food/diet to books.

For the new newsletter she highlighted Rachel Roy, the "Fashion's Next Big Thing". Maybe its the way they commented but I really loved how she chooses the color and still maintain the needs of an everyday woman. Here is an example I got from Oprah's preview of the spring collection.

Rachel says these two looks—especially the gray skirt—are flattering on most women. "That skirt is good on a lot of figures," Oprah says.

These outfits also serve double duty as office attire and evening wear. The sparkly cashmere T-shirt (pictured on the left) can be removed to change the look completely.

Unlike many designers, Rachel prefers her pin-striped pants to fit a little loose. "The slacks, I love because they're baggy," she says. "I like to size my pants up a size so that I can get a smaller size."

The next step is where to find her line. When I looked through Rachel Roy's site, listed some of the international stores which are based in Dubai, Hong Kong, and of all places Indonesia (!#??) but none in Malaysia. We need to change that.



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