January 24, 2007

Rights for an abortion

THE CIDER HOUSE RULES primarily deals with abortion - the right of a woman to have an abortion. And should it be legal.

Personally, I agree that a woman has a right for abortion. Not that I'm touting for sex before marriage but there are certain conditions where the baby is not wanted. And the womem should have more rights to what they have now. We came from the rib of Adam, which is also a creation of Allah.

A situation taken from the book. The setting was at a 'clinic' where they perform abortion (in an unsanitary environment) for a big sum. Larch visited the clinic and saw two woman - one young enough to be a sister or daughter. It turns out that it is the daughter which was impregnanted by her own father (or was it step father, but that is beside the point).

Now in Malaysia, the same scene does happen here. The victim was brutalized by either her uncles (still acceptable), but by own father or brothers. Today there was an article in Tumpat, the mother undressed her eight-year old daughter for the stepfather to have sex with the child WHILE SHE LOOKED ON. How much worse can it go?

What has the world become? Is not people, or the so called Muslims know the right or wrong? Can they not control themselves? If the victim was an adult or at least reached puberty, I would not be so verbal as this.

This post was suppose to be my thoughts of the book but I got carried away.

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