January 12, 2007

The OST of my life

Got this from all my friend's blogs and how nice the timing of the arrival of my iPod. This is the problem of not compiling all my favourite music - not able to take part in this immediately. Shared this with some of my officemates and one showed me his result - it was errrm, interesting. Trisha's HOW CAN I LIVE WITHOUT YOU (*raised eyebrows*)??

The collection is as complete as can be so here goes:

Anyways, per the rules of this game, I do not seem to have a choice since this is how it's supposed to work.
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie

Opening Credits: TWO OUT OF THREE AIN’T BAD – Meatloaf
Errm - love this song. Looks good so far.

Waking Up: WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T GO HOME – Jon Bon Jovi

First Day At School: SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE – REM & B52’s
Yeah right – leaving my family and home to this strange place

Falling In Love: UNDERNEATH YOUR CLOTHES – Shakira
Hahaha – I’m leaving this to your imagination

Fight song: PUSH – Matchbox 20
Yes - PUSH

Breaking Up: BABY I NEED YOUR LOVIN’ – Four Tops
*eyebrows raising*

Prom: HEY JUDE – Beatles
Yep – if I had stayed long enough in US to go to my prom

Life's OK: BED OF ROSES – Jon Bon Jovi

Mental breakdown: BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY LIVE – Guns N Roses & Elton John
Just had one, well a slight one …

Driving: EVERYTHING I OWN – Bread
Yes – all those BMWs, Mercs

Flashback: EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORNS – Guns N Roses
Life has its ups and downs

Getting Back Together: I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU – Jon Bon Jovi
I was a bit jittery compiling my soundtrack, but its getting real creepy

Wedding: THE INVISIBLE MAN – 98 degrees
Ooops – Anid you know who this is for

Birth of Child: SMOOTH – Carlos Santana & Matchbox 20
Right smooth

Final Battle: POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME – Def Leppard
Sugar – onto the enemy – it should work

But of course – and I hope I had lived a long life

Funeral Song: BECAUSE OF YOU – 98 degrees
Same as above

End Credits: IF YOU’RE GONE – Matchbox 20
Same as above

So you can guess who are my favourite groups:
Meatloaf – 1
Guns N Roses – 2
98 degrees – 2
Matchbox 20 – 3
Jon Bon Jovi – 4



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