January 6, 2007

My paper today

I am drained - my second paper this morning really caught me by surprise. The paper is for Writing for Science and Technology.

There was not much (the module was so thin) and it was practically learning about the English grammar, writing in clear and concrete style. I mean who does not know how to write in good English (well a lot but the people I know has powerful English). Plus the last seminar, the facilitor gave us great tips on using MicroSoft Words (which most I already know, what a bummer).

We had to answer all the questions. The first question is quite theoritical - explain in detail global revising and secondary research. The next three questions - correct the passage and one of them is a letter. In the first few readings, I was trying to understand head and tail of the passage.

I felt good about my answers. The lowest score that I should get is an A- (am I being very presumptious? But I did enter the course aiming high).

What really get to me is that I could not find any mistakes in this sentence. I answered as 'NO corrections made'. The others were surprised I answered this way. Can someone tell me if I'm right? Here is the question: Neither the engineers nor the technicians were hurt in the blaze.



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