December 29, 2006

Dress to kill

I have made a pact that I will dress to kill going to the office this new year – starting either Jan. 8 or 9. There are clothes I have purchased and baju kurung from rayas. The shoes I have bought in Switzerland (Bally) and those purchased during sales. Oh yes – I need to buy one that is like a mary janes – I so love the style. It is about time that I show them off and hopefully to attract some attractions (well, maybe just one but who knows). But the best part is, my fashion ‘guru’ is joining me in that godforsaken place I call my office.

And there is still two/three(?) days to go before the end of the year-end sale to buy that mary jane.

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Anonymous Victoria said...

Dear Zarina!

I just wanted to say, that I finally found your blog :-) I will try to check it out on a regular basis from now on!

I will brinf your letter to the post office tomorrow. Have a good start into the new year 2007!

yours Victoria

Dec 31, 2006, 3:07:00 AM  

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