December 22, 2006

Spoiling myself

I have really outdone myself this year after living life like a scrooge for the past decade.

After my mum did her renovation to the house, bought myself a chest of drawers, writing table and a good study chair. In addition, I kecek from my brother (who has great contacts with computer suppliers) for a 3-in-one printer/scanner/photocopier.

I got myself a digital camera - Canon IXUS 750.

For the wedding, mum and me got ourselves selendangs/tudung to match with the dresses we bought earlier on. I have never spent on a dress/kebaya labuh over RM200 (luckily tailoring was cheap - tailor from long time) or a selendang for RM89.

Dad mentioned early this week to splurge ourself by going for a facial. So I made myself an appointment for one today - a simple want since I have a sensitive skin.

Plus, I have been spoilt rotten by someone to get a great party shoes. I enticed a girlfriend to go 'Christmas shopping' at KLCC. Took the yesterday afternoon off and search for the perfect shoes and along the way anything else (me a pair of white slacks). I will take a photo using the new camera of the shoes and uploaded later (most likely after the wedding). Tat - it looks similar like yours but I do so love your shoes.

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