January 5, 2007

Classifying Knowledge

In my review for tomorrow's exam, Writing for Science and Technology I came across a very interesting fact - how people categorize knowledge.

Here is an exert from The Straight Dope site:

Many librarians thought it would be useful to organize books by subject matter. The problem was, what does "subject matter" mean? Francis Bacon, in the 1600s, said there were three branches of knowledge: history (deriving from memory), poetry (from imagination), and philosophy (from reason.).. That formed the basic classification system of the few libraries that bothered with such things. The Vatican library, for example, used only two classifications: sacred and profane.

Am pondering, how can the church be so narrow minded. Well, after reading THE NAME OF THE ROSE (Eco Umberto), THE MEMOIR OF A GNOSTIC DWARF (David Madsen), and THE DA VINCCI CODE (Dan Brown) it shows that the church are narrow-minded. Their main purpose is to eradicate all teachings that goes against the Church. It is to the expense of hiding away literatures from the world.

Is that a way to produce new knowledge, facts. Well according the postivist, true knowledge is in the scientific or the physical world. Knowledge is not gained from the divinity.

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