January 4, 2007

A visit to the dentist

It's been a long while since I went to do scaling. My normal visits include normal cleaning and gum filling for the gum abrasion. I have this 'disease' (mum and brother having same thing) where the gum recedes which exposes a big amount of the teeth. It has reached to the level just before the nerves is exposed. Fortunately, the dentist says that I do not need to worry about carries.

For my last day of nothingness, I visited my dentist for scaling. Oh god - it hurt so much plus with my receding gum it makes everything hurt and bleeding. To add to the misery, while waiting for my turn at the dentist I visited the EPF to submit my nomination (the division of the fund if I am no longer living) form. It seems that they have changed the form. Beside providing a copy of my ID which I am ok, I have to also provide for the nominees - which is three for me. The wait was for one hour and to be inform that there is a change of forms.

Well, looks I need to visit the office again. Most likely before going to the office sometime soon since it closes on Saturdays.



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