October 8, 2006

Scotland-France and England-Macedonia

After many weeks of not catching any football matches and missing out on the tables for both EPL and the Euro qualifiers, tonight stayed up to catch the hyped match between England and Macedonia. Normally games will start 2/3 am but tonight it started before midnight. Only manage to catch the second half. To top it off, my favourite team is also playing with Scotland AT THE SAME TIME.

Well, the Scots managed to keep a clean sheet in all three games. But at least France is at a better footing as compared to the other World Cup finalist. The other game was a goalless draw which I am very happy. Throughout the whole game, Macedonia managed to maintain possession of the ball. Unfortunately, they were lacking goal scorers.

Last night it was raining heavily. We found out this morning the new library/study was not properly. So the whole day, they had to place many sheets of zinc at the roof. So lets hope it rains so we are assure that it is good. Also, tomorrow we are spared from all the sounds and people moving in and out of the house.