October 6, 2006

Today Oct 6

Last night came to the pivotal incident of THE KITE RUNNER. Man!! The actual incident is "normal" but how Amir take it for his sacrificial lamb!! That is so cruel and mean!! I wonder how the rest 300 odd pages will be like.

Last night also made me remember one more title which BookCrossing introduced to me. Being a scientist/engineer who have to know WHY of everything, it was a good catch. It is THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN by Simon Winchester.

Tonight I will be going back to my parents' place. Mum told me that the major work upstairs has been completed - so hopefully we will have a peaceful weekend. I will be busy arranging my newly painted bedroom and the new adjoining library/study room.

Thank god mom's new Indonesian helper has arrived - actually this afternoon to our doorstep. I can't imagine cleaning up the mess without outside help. And the preparation and cleaning up during raya.